Si tu as compris ce que ce défi représente. Tu es au courant des heures de travail requises. La persévérance dont tu devras faire preuve. Tu comprends que ce programme vise les étudiants les plus performants et tu crois pouvoir relever le défi. Appliquer maintenant!

Nous sommes désolés, mais certaines des informations présentées si dessous ainsi que le questionnaire qui suit sont uniquement présenté en anglais. Si vous avez de la difficulté à en déceler l’information. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour de l’aide additionnelle.

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You find it easy to introduce yourself to other people.
You try to respond to your e-mails as soon as possible and cannot stand a messy inbox.
You find it easy to stay relaxed and focused even when there is some pressure.
You don’t usually initiate conversations.
You feel a constant need for something new.
You usually try to master one method instead of developing good understanding of several ones.
Being adaptable is more important to you than being organized.
Solving practical problems interests you more than finding answers to existential questions.
Your home and work environments are quite tidy.
You do not mind being at the center of attention.
You see no point in experimenting with processes or methods that are working well enough.
In a discussion, truth should be more important than people’s sensitivities.
You would rather call yourself pragmatic than visionary.
You often spend time exploring unrealistic and impractical yet intriguing ideas.
You are more of a natural improviser than a careful planner.
You would rather improvise than spend time coming up with a detailed plan.
You are a relatively reserved and quiet person.
If you had a business, you would find it very difficult to fire loyal but underperforming employees.
Logic is usually more important than heart when it comes to making important decisions.
Keeping your options open is more important than having a to-do list.
If your friend is sad about something, you are more likely to offer emotional support than suggest ways to deal with the problem.
You have no difficulties coming up with a personal timetable and sticking to it.
Being right is more important than being cooperative when it comes to teamwork.
You think that everyone’s views should be respected regardless of whether they are supported by facts or not.
You are constantly exploring your environment to see what improvements you could make.
You usually find it difficult to relax when talking in front of many people.
You prefer to think about practical and tangible concepts.
You get easily bored with the usual way of doing things.
You focus on the possibilities rather than the realities.
You often take initiative in social situations.