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Information for parents

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     As a parent or guardian, it is important for you to have a detailed and thorough discussion about your child’s academic career and growth. It is important that every every student who signs up for the Student Management Experience should take the proper time to understand the implications of the program as well as the cost associated with the learning experience.

    Our in-class program and hands-on experience opportunities will undoubtedly allow your child to grow and be ready to succeed in the workplace, but does require a certain level of commitment which calls for an investment of time and effort. All students who register with the program must understand what is expected of them.

     The student management experience only selects highly motivated students to participate in this unique learning program. If your child is chosen, he will be informed of the different steps that make up the training process. It will be essential, at that point in the process, to have meaningful conversations with your child about this commitment.

    The student management experience’s foundation is built on a strong base, reinforced by knowledgeable individuals, mentors, professors and entrepreneurs. It is designed to allow your child to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge that will allow him or her to succeed in the business world.

     The success of the students who participate in our program is of the outmost importance to us. In order for them to succeed, the students will undoubtedly require support from their parents or guardians. If you have any questions about this commitment to excellence, please contact our administration at any point in time.

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