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The Program

How does it work?

     The student management experience provides you with the opportunity to build your own business from the ground up without having to face the challenges and hurdles typically associated with taking on such a project alone. You will have, at your disposal, the necessary tools to not only succeed, but excel.

     You will be building your own residential maintenance business. This sector represents a niche market which is currently in high demand and is also the ideal platform for learning the required fundamentals that you will use on a daily basis. This chosen medium allows you to explore all the facets of enterprise management. Your role as an associate is to build your enterprise in a given field, and in order to prepare you for this role, you will be trained in marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, human resources management as well as other important fields that will be essential to your personal growth.

Why choose this program?

     The student management experience's foundation is built on a strong base, reinforced by knowledgeable individuals, mentors, professors and entrepreneurs. It is designed to allow you to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge that will allow you to succeed in the business world.

How much can I make?

     You are the entrepreneur, and like any other professional in this field, your efforts and your personal strengths will dictate your level of success. If you choose to invest an adequate amount of effort and you apply the methods taught in this program, you can expect an average revenue of $15 000 in your enterprise’s first season.

Why aim to make the cut?

     The student management experience is not only an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in the workplace, but can also allow you to obtain additional revenue while you study and emerge as an entrepreneur. Too often, we hear stories of graduates who face the harsh reality of the job hunt without any management experience to corroborate the skills that they have acquired during their respective programs, making them unappealing to potential employers. Experience is often one of the key assets required to gain access to upper management career opportunities. It is for this reason that, many years ago, we designed this program.

Why should we choose you?

   The student management experience aims to appeal and cater to only the most motivated and high performing students. We are looking for individuals who possess a certain skill set, regardless of your chosen field of work.

    Certain personality traits will allow a minority of individuals to progress quickly throughout their career path. Do you believe you have these skills? Do you always aim to surpass yourself and raise your personal expectations? Do you think you have what it takes to take on the program?

     We work alongside over 3000 students in order to select the perfect candidates for this program and only 30 students are retained each year. Many of these students are now renowned entrepreneurs with high ranking positions within renowned organisations. Some alumni have even gone on to work in Fort Lauderdale and have made significant contributions to business innovation. One thing is certain: this program has the potential to change your life. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

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